The security guards seem to be idle most of the time, but they have certain roles and responsibilities which are not visible. Security guards are to avoid crimes, not to act after it happens. Each and every minute of his duty time, he should alert and be in is full consciousness. The working nature of security guards is little different from the police officers. The objective of police officers is to ensure law and order, but the security guards protect a particular organization or a house from a crime scene. The security guards don’t have right to punish the criminals. The culprit caught by the security guards should be handed over to the police. The accusation and punishment is the responsibility of police and the court of the country. The guards are not rescuer of the victims of atrocities, but they prevent crimes. The guards are trained for possible crimes that can occur. The cost of the damage caused by one crime might be very high, sometimes it cannot be replenished. The burglary or kidnapping can even lead to loss of lives, so it is a must to defend such criminal activities. The guards are meant to visible to everyone, they do not operate under cover. The main objective of security personnel is to deter the crimes. When the guards are around the criminal would hesitate to make a direct attack. In a resident association or big organization, the patrolling of the guards would make the people feel protected. The visibility of the guards should not compromise the protection. They should be able to reach all the blind side easily and the weak spots should be monitored properly. The guards not only get training for martially arts, weapon skills and bodybuilding but also in rescuing operations and first aids. If some crime happens, then before taking the victim to the hospital, the guards should be able to give him basic treatment. The fire escape is another skill the guards must have because fire accidents are very common in offices and houses. Even though the guards cannot avoid these accidents, they should be able to rescue the victims. Alertness is the very important quality that a guard must possess. They should always concentrate on their job. One blink can make a huge damage to valuables or even lives. Observation is the important task of the security guards. They should be able to see the surrounding and analyze and report the situation. If some threatening element is found, then sudden action should be taken. The decision should be prompt and effective. The guards use modern equipment such as CCTV cameras to see the blind spot, this makes the job easier and effective.

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